One Song One Earth engages with scientific research, indigenous people and artists to promote the conservation of biodiversity. Our approach is scientific, realistic but always in connection with nature and our place in the biosphere.

We use Music in the service of Ecology in order to share new ideas and stories within our human societies, re-establish the lifeforce in the hearts of men and women and engage them to follow a lifestyle which is in harmony with the nature that surrounds us.

We take tangible action to help preserve ecosystems by financing local projects of high ecological and social value initiated with Indigenous Peoples around the world.

What is One Song One Earth?


through music what ancestral wisdoms can teach us in our daily lives.


narratives around biodiversity and environment issues.


the floor to Artists to transmit, raise awareness and provide the means to act.


new narratives around the protection of living things.


ecosystems of high environmental value and indigenous peoples.

Act together !

To join One Song One Earth is to participate in the protection of indigenous peoples and their heritage. It also means passing on one’s heritage by acting for a sustainable and responsible future by fighting against the degradation of fragile and threatened ecosystems.

The projects we support

Discover the projects with high environmental value supported by the One Song One Earth association.


The living pharmacy


The protection of indigenous peoples

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