Artemisia: Protect Indigenous People from Malaria

One Song One Earth wants to support the development of Artemisia Houses in malarious areas where Indigenous People live.

In the Amazon, in Africa, in Asia, malaria is still wreaking havoc. 3 billion people live in areas infested with malaria – that is half of the world’s population. 219 million cases were recorded in 2017 according to WHO figures (91% of cases in Africa). One of the main cause of death from infectious diseases: 435,000 deaths each year

  • 70% of deaths in children under 5 years old.
  • Responsible for 30% of absenteeism at school and at work.

There is a proven natural cure solution to this disease. This supplemental solution has been used for centuries in Asia and Africa without harm, toxicity or side effects.

Our partner “Les Maisons de l’Artemisia” has carried out a study which highlights the therapeutic efficiency of Artemisia according to WHO standards. It showed a higher rate of success for Artemisia compared to ASAQ medicine.

We will work with our partner to provide funds to develop an effective, accessible and locally available solution for affected indigenous populations. Today there are about a hundred Artemisia houses mainly concentrated in Africa.

One Song One Earth has decided to finance the creation of an Artemisia house in Brazil to provide access to this treatment in malarious areas.

Our priority objective is to first make the plant accessible in the Amazon rainforest, especially in the region where the Javari live.

The Artemisia project

Building an Artemisia House is a commitment and it has few prerequisites. One Song One Earth has selected the Maison de l’Artemisia as it has strong expertise combining medical and agronomic skills. But also because there is a specific process in the development of an Artemisia House Network:

  • Training: To ensure the rapid dissemination of this therapy, the team organizes agronomic and medical training sessions based on scientific data.
  • Sustainable and responsible production (Commitment to production without pesticides or GMOs)
  • Responsible treatment (Drying, grinding and packaging according to clearly defined hygiene standards)
  • Sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience within the network

Donations will:

Create a medicinal herb garden

Form a local team

Open a Artemisia house center

Finance production tools

Act together !

Joining One Song One Earth means participating in the protection of indigenous peoples and their heritage. It also means transmitting its heritage by acting for a sustainable and responsible future by fighting against the degradation of fragile and threatened ecosystems.

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