One Song One Earth, an association of ecological convictions that puts music at the service of the planet

We are convinced that we can support our planet without destroying it

“We do not inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it from our children”

African Proverb

Our consumption pattern is not sustainable

We are in a society confronted with a need for change!

Western post-war generations did not have to fight for their freedom, and have enjoyed stability and peace thanks to sustained economic development. The result is our current society, based on a narrative that claims that happiness and the accumulation of goods and wealth are intimately linked.

Human activities deplete the resources of our planet

However, such a system cannot be sustainable in a finite environment with limited resources.

Today, our precious blue planet is reaching the end of what it can provide us, with an outcome increasingly supported by the scientific community: the erosion of biodiversity on a scale similar to past mass extinctions, a collapse of resources and ultimately tragic consequences for the human species and its populations. Thus, the Earth system today resembles a meteor entering the atmosphere at high speed destined for devastating impact,  with humans in the command seat.

It is urgent to put nature back at the center of concerns

And like a meteor that disintegrates on entering the atmosphere, this free-fall is already showing signs of wear and tear on the planet, with social and environmental imbalances continuing to grow in number and intensity, making our need to react and redirect our course increasingly urgent. Human individual freedom and the health of future generations depend on us making a drastic change in our mentality and way of life, as, more crucially, does the health of the entire biodiversity of the world of which we are a part.

Act together !

Joining One Song One Earth means participating in the protection of indigenous peoples and their heritage. It also means transmitting its heritage by acting for a sustainable and responsible future by fighting against the degradation of fragile and threatened ecosystems.

The projects we support

Discover the projects with high environmental value supported by the One Song One Earth association.


The living pharmacy


The protection of indigenous peoples

The Team of One Song One Earth is convinced that the necessary changes to manage our home, planet Earth, are possible and foresee that a positive future is also possible. One Song One Earth aims to direct change and open the parachutes of the Earth space capsule, providing itself with the means to fulfil its commitments in favor of biodiversity

One Song One Earth uses music and artists to act directly and indirectly towards the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems

Indigenous peoples and cultures are the guardians of a way of life in harmony with nature

The first is a direct operation that draws on collaboration with indigenous peoples in the realization of field projects for the preservation of ecosystems.

In the Amazon, in Africa, in Asia, in the Arctic … Everywhere in the world, the natural and cultural heritage of humanity is threatened by climate change and the drifts of globalization. Guardians of nature, indigenous peoples have been able to preserve the balance of biodiversity for millennia. Amerindians, Pygmies, Maoris, Maasai, Sami’s, Kanaks… There are more than 370 million on all continents, spread across 5,000 communities, speaking more than 4,000 languages ​​and living on 22% of the planet’s land (yet land which holds 80% of earth’s global biodiversity).

The title of “guardians of nature” befits them, since they know how to take care of this treasure.

However, these Indigenous peoples and cultures are threatened by globalization

These Indigenous people are still subject to multiple pressures that endanger their cultures but also their nature.

Accelerated by globalization, the exploitation of natural resources in their ancestral territories is subject to all types of abuse, including Deforestation, mining, expropriation and theft of pastoral or agricultural land, biopiracy, etc.

These peoples are almost all confronted with the same problems, which are often disastrous for the ecology and for the health of the communities.

Supporting projects with indigenous people means working to maintain a vital balance for the common good of all, there and here, from the local to the global.

Using Music to benefit Ecology by re-establishing the Life force in the hearts and minds of people and encouraging them to commit to real action to protect biodiversity

The second operation is one that supports communication, and questions our connection to nature and our place in the biosphere through musical productions with internationally renowned Artists and young Artists.

Mangroove Music is the tool of these musical productions, bearers of new ideas and narratives that we will disseminate within our human societies and thus replant biodiversity in the hearts of humans.

A diversity of music for a diversity of living things

This music will be as diverse as biodiversity. It will be as diverse as we are. Because we want to touch the hearts of everybody, it will incorporate all musical styles. It will play its role in transmitting and bringing together, unifying but also feeling, in a society that has become very focused on thought.

To reconnect with the song of the earth is to reconnect first with what is alive in each of us. We create a space for Artists to think about the world we live in and the Planet we want. We are going to mix music and ecology and encourage the fields of Science and the Arts to mix. By inspiring and drawing inspiration from everyone to create and produce music for all. Through these exchanges, we hope to develop narratives dealing with urgent subjects while sharing the beauty and fragility of the world.

And we will breathe life back into the 21st Century, which is so necessary.

Act together !

Joining One Song One Earth means participating in the protection of indigenous peoples and their heritage. It also means transmitting its heritage by acting for a sustainable and responsible future by fighting against the degradation of fragile and threatened ecosystems.

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